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Steampunk top hat

  • The Victorian hat of the eccentric nobles.

    Seeming to come straight out of the mad hatter's workshop, this legendary top hat is revisited for lovers of the Victorian era and steampunk. From the time when most men aspired to be gentlemen, the most ostentatious sign of success was the top hat.

    Masterfully crafted, this classic felted woolen hat is slightly flared over its 10cm height while the brim is curved over only 5cm. 


    Description of the steampunk top hat.

    • Type: top hat form
    • Sex: Unisex
    • Material: Felted wool
    • Sizes of head circumference: 55 / 57 / 59 / 61 cm
    • Height of the hat:  10 cm
    • Color: black
    • Free Shipping.

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