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Steampunk cap for women

  • Between the Sailor's and Driver's Cap, here's the Steampunk style cap for women.

    Add a steampunk boyish look to life and cosplay with this trendy cap.

    The visor features a chinstrap, a gold or silver chain and a leatherette interior headband covered with polyester foam on the front for added comfort.

    Enjoy excellent value for money for this beautiful cap.

    •  Type : Cap

    •  Sex : Female

    • Material : Type : Cap

    •  Sex : Female

    •  Material :  Polyester, Leatherette

    •  One size: about 58 cm head circumference

    • Delivery Offered

    Complement your steampunk style with a Steampunk coat dorian gray. Maybe you will also be interested in our selected Clock steampunk steel puzzle.

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