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Steampunk hat belle époque

  • With this beautiful hat, wear a headgear from a time when elegance rhymed with the spectacular. It was particularly well seen to show off by putting on a show for those close to you. Decorated with ribbons, feathers, flowers and lace, the hats of the belle époque were extravagant. 

    This one is representative of the fashion at the beginning of 1900, where imposing headgear was the norm, and where volume had to be obtained at all costs. The more ornaments were numerous, the more they were symbols of luxury. The more ornaments there were, the more they symbolized luxury. The bourgeois women bought their hats from a milliner and then decorated them according to the seasons and trends. In an evening party or in a vintage outfit, you will be the most elegant with your belle époque hat. This accessory will make you the woman of the situation.

     Detail of the Belle Epoque Hat.

    • Type: Chapeau
    • Material: Polyester
    • Polyester: durable, resistant and easy to wash and dry.
    • Sex: Woman
    • Delivery Offered.

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