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Steampunk stetson hat

  • A hat in the western-punk theme that gives a steampunk and cowboy look in a detonating mix.

    This genre is a much appreciated retro-futuristic universe that exaggerates the inventions of the time, such as railways and steam engines, close to fantasy like for example the (bad) movie Wild Wild Wild West.

    Combine jackets, pants, belts and shoes in the same spirit for a bluffing westpunk suit.

    Dare the steampunk style, dare the fantastic far-west!


    Details of the Stetson Steampunk Men's Hat


    • Type: West-punk Cowboy Hat
    • Material: Wool felt
    • Sex : Man
    • Brim Size: 7 cm
    • Hat Size: 57-58 cm fitted size
    • Hat Height: 10 cm
    • Delivery Offered.

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