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Burlesque steampunk dress

  • The steampunk dress simple and effective.

    A short dress well cut which combines the charm of a bustier and a skirt in imitation lace.

    Unveil your shoulders and emphasize your cleavage with this dress of our collection.

    Wear it with a pair of high heels for maximum effect, lipstick and your most beautiful steampunk jewelry.

    Wear it in cosplay or in the evening for a guaranteed effect.

    A word about Steampunk skirts and dresses: Casual and feminine, these clothes have the Victorian touch that SteampunkStore is looking for.

    And to cultivate this vintage elegance, we offer comfortable models in adequacy with the various period clothes, while adding this note of madness that Steampunk needs.

     Details of the Steampunk Corset Dress.


    • Type : Dress 
    • Sex : Female
    • Material : Polyester:90%,Spandex:10%
    • Polyester: durable, resistant and easy to wash and dry.
    • Spandex: Brings elasticity, returns to original shape after stretching.
    • Shipping Offered.


    Sizing Guide: if you are between two sizes, take the largest.

    • S: Bust 61-63.5 cm Size 56-58 cm
    • M : Bust 66-68.5 cm Size 61-63.5 cm
    • L : Bust 71-73.5 cm Size 66-68.5 cm
    • XL : Bust 76-79 cm Size 71-73. 5 cm
    • XXL : Bust 81-84 cm Size 76-79 cm
    • XXXL : Bust 86-89 cm Size 81-84 cm
    • 4XL : Bust + of 92 cm Size + of 90 cm

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