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Steampunk draco hat

  • A typical Victorian Felt Hat for Men which is of course widely used in the retro-futuristic steampunk universe.

    The Mad Hatter has a custom variant in many cosplay and disguises. Whether you want to be elegant, to become a distinguished lady or a gentleman with a touch of originality, this hat is for you.

    This hat top hat with original design, a high quality achievement, receives special attention for the finesse of its manufacture and its finishes.

    Made of wool felt as at the time, the rendering compared to an original hat is very close. The Draco model has this touch of aggressive and distorted design that is not due to chance. With handmade finishes, such as the headband adjustment and satin lining, it is of exemplary quality, satisfying and durable.

    This hat also has a so-called grosgrain texture, which highlights the cap with elegance and refinement, bringing to the hat a crazy class of another time. To provide you with optimal comfort, the top hat has a beautiful satin lining and a removable comfort band on the front, so you can perfectly adjust the hat.

    Indispensable for cosplay days, or theme parties, it is the ultimate in quality accessories that will leave everyone you meet speechless!


    • Type : Hat
    • Material : Felted wool
    • Sex : Man 
    • Height of cap : 11. 5 cm approx
    • Width of edges: 5 cm approx
    • Satin lining
    • Removable comfort band
    • Weight: 300 g
    • Delivery Offered

    Be careful to choose your hat according to your head size.

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