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Steampunk mechanical owl earrings


    An emblematic animal at the end of the lobe.

    Earring Owls in the shape of a mechanical Owl for an explosive Steampunk look.

    "When the owl sings, the night is silent. "

    A word about our steampunk earrings: we look for the most retro and futuristic designs possible, often with an industrial style such as gears, rivets and other mechanical elements. Sometimes the Victorian influence will be omnipresent and a vintage style will be privileged. It's up to you to choose your jewelry accordingly, it all depends on where you put the cursor for your own steampunk look.


    • Type : Earrings
    • Sex : Woman
    • Composition : Zinc alloy
    • Zinc alloy : Strong, durable, superior to aluminum or bronze.
    • Free shipping.

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