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Ring steampunk luminance

  • A perfect vintage ring for a balanced steampunk style.

    In an assertive vintage style, this ring with a very pronounced neo-victorian look brings an undeniable class.

    Here is a ring of character with a large size, like during the Victorian period.

    Used with more steampunk accessories, the ring balances your style.

    A word about steampunk rings: industrial and retro futuristic style is at the center of the steampunk design with its gears, rivets and other mechanical elements. Then come the vintage influences of the Victorian era with the gothic and naturalist style. It's up to you to choose your jewelry accordingly, it all depends where you put the cursor for your own steampunk look.


    anneau luminance présentation- steampunk store


    Luminance Ring Details.

    • Type : Ring & Rings
    • Sex:Female
    • Jewelry:Zircon paving inlay
    • Composition:Zinc alloy
    • Zinc alloy:Solid, durable, superior to aluminum or bronze.
    • Type of setting : None
    • Shape-Model : Circle
    • Delivery Offered

    Be careful to choose the right size of your ring (see help picture).

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