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Gothic steampunk ring

  • A Ring for Woman in a neo-gothic style by its Black and Gold color, close to steampunk by its gilding and colored zircons.

    The mixture of the two styles, the sobriety and the dark side of the gothic on one side, the fantastic and the warm colors of the steampunk on the other.

    A successful design stemming from their common origin, the Victorian period.

    "No I have no heart! I feel no love, no fear; no sorrow, no joy of any kind; I am only a carnal envelope, destined to live until the end of time!" Van Helsing


    A word about steampunk rings and bushings: the industrial and retro futuristic style is at the center of steampunk design with its gears, rivets and other mechanical elements. Then come the vintage influences of the Victorian era with the gothic and naturalist style.

    Gothic Black Gold Ring - steampunk store

    Details of the Gothic Black Gold Ring - Steampunk

    • Type : Ring & ring
    • Sex : Female
    • Metals : Copper plated rhodium
    • Jewelry: Cubic zirconia
    • Setting Type:None
    • Width: 20 mm
    • Weight:19 g
    • Delivery Offered

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