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Steampunk pin-up dress

  • Between the wise and attractive side, this Retro Dress is influenced by the style of the 40's Pin-up's.

    Dress a sexy vintage look for that time and so charming now.

    • Type : Steampunk Dress
    • Sex :Woman
    • Color :Black or Blue
    • Composition : 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex (Elastane).
    • Polyester : Durable, resistant and easy to wash and dry.
    • Spandex : Provides elasticity, returns to original shape after stretching.
    • Length: calves
    • Size S, M, L, XL.
    • Free Shipping

    Choose your dress size with the table below.

      S 89 69 69 97
    M 94 47 98
      L 102 81 100
     XL 109 89 102

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