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English style pocket watch

  • English watchmakers possessed invaluable know-how, here is a Gousset watch in this admirable vintage style.

    Modernity brings its models back to life with a preserved aestheticism and greatly improved mechanics.

    • Type :gusset & pocket watch
    • Sex :Unisex
    • Movement: Mechanical Automatic (first winding by hand)
    • Autonomy: about 24 hours (without movement)
    • Diameter: 54 mm
    • Thickness: about 14 mm
    • Case materials : Stainless Steel
    • Window Type: Glass
    • Display Dial: Analog
    • Bevel Function: Stationary
    • Bevel Material: Stainless Steel
    • Chain Length: Approx 30 cm
    • Delivery Offered.

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