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Kraken Pocket Watch

  • The pocket watch of the legendary creature.

    The kraken and the octopus in general is the center of many seafaring stories... legends lost in the depths of the often empty glasses of drunken sailors...

    Although there are several styles of pocket watches on sea monsters, in steampunk we like to represent them in our own way. Each time the emblematic animals of the steampunk style manage to have an endearing and elegant design. It may not be the most unique watch by its concept, but it's one of the most beautiful...

    • The gusset watch is in itself a journey through time. Rediscover the pleasure of the objects of yesteryear, authentic and personal.
    • When you like to dress up the accessories such as a pocket watch brings a presence and an incomparable style.
    • A beautiful watch also accompanies the period costumes and cosplay increasing your effect.


    Detail of the Kraken watch.


    • Type : Pocket & gusset watch
    • Sex : Unisex
    • Movement :Quartz
    • Materials : Stainless Steel
    • Display dial : Analog
    • Window type : Glass
    • Diameter : 47 mm
    • Delivery Offered.

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