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Octopus steampunk earrings

  • A legendary octopus at the end of the lobe.

    The Kraken, this legendary octopus that steampunkmovement has appropriated to play with its image and its symbol is found in many stories like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

    Original earrings that will make their effect in release as in cosplay. The hanging tentacles and warm colors of steampunk bring a fantasy that will make you talk about you.

    A word about our steampunk earrings: we are looking for the most retro and futuristic designs possible, often with an industrial style like gears, rivets and other mechanical elements. Sometimes the Victorian influence will be omnipresent and a vintage style will be privileged. It's up to you to choose your jewelry accordingly, it all depends on where you put the cursor for your own steampunk look.


    • Type : Earrings
    • Sex : Woman
    • Composition : Zinc alloy
    • Zinc alloy : Strong, durable, superior to aluminum or bronze.
    • Free Shipping.

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