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Bracelet steampunk lonesome biker

  • A Solid Silver Bracelet that looks good.

    The Biker doesn't need any artifice, but this one is not bad anyway.

    Not easy to appreciate this end of the afternoon, the days are hot and humid among the southerners. The United States in the middle of summer, it's maybe the middle in Chicago.

    But there with this little wind it's paradise, I drive gently towards Cleveland. The sun bathes Tennessee with a delicious orange color.

    As in Lucky Luke I could say that I am a lonesome Biker.


    • Type : Bracelet Steampunk
    • Sex: Male
    • Composition: Sterling Silver (925 Sterling)
    • Contains 92. 5% minimum of pure silver
    • Careful details, rhodium anti-blackening treatment
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Shape / Model: Large 12mm chain
    • Style: Biker / Steampunk
    • Length: 17. 5 - 23.5 cm (see sizes)
    • Thickness: 5 mm
    • Weight: 56 g
    • Safety clasp
    • Free Shipping

    Choose the size of your bracelet with 2 cm more than your wrist size

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