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Bracelet steampunk Victorian chain

  • A Bracelet for Man with interesting Victorian style.

    This Vintage jewel is in solid Silver as in the time.

    From 1880 the heavy jewels leave place to smaller and finer.

    The industrial revolution doing its work, the jewels of industrial manufacture are democratized.

    In particular the silver bracelets and the costume jewels which will become common thereafter.


    • Type : Bracelet Steampunk
    • Sex: Male
    • Composition: Sterling Silver (925 Sterling)
    • Contains 92. 5% minimum of pure silver
    • Careful details,anti-blackening rhodium treatment
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Style: vintage
    • Length: 16-23 cm
    • Thickness: 6. 5 mm
    • Weight: 19 g
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    Choose the size of your bracelet with 2 cm more than your wrist size

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