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Amber and silver steampunk earrings

  • The Amber & Silver Earrings are a faithful reproduction worn by the Russian nobility before World War I.

    The aristocracy of the time loved stone (including amber) and pearl jewelry.

    Amber from the Baltic countries is still used today, but nowadays the resin is more commonly used to have identical colors, natural amber is random.

    A word about our steampunk earrings: we are looking for the most retro designs possible, often with an industrial style such as gears, rivets and other mechanical elements. Sometimes the Victorian influence will be omnipresent and a vintage style will be privileged. It's up to you to choose your jewelry according to your own steampunk look.

    Details of the Amber and Silver Earrings.


    • Type : Vintage earrings
    • Sex : Woman
    • Composition : Argentan (alloy 60% Copper, 20% Zinc, 20% Nickel).
    • Argentan or Maillechort: A 19th century alloy to imitate silver
    • Stone : Resin imitation amber
    • Style : Classic
    • Shape-Model: Oval
    • Delivery Offered

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