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Steampunk Clock: The Masterpiece Of Steampunk Decoration

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The Steampunk has no secret for anyone: it is a fashion that brings out the wonders of the past, while putting forward a futuristic air. Moreover, steampunks are noticed from afar, because they dare to go out of the ordinary and honor their personalities. But this unusual style is not only about fashion, it is also inviting itself into the home. You may wonder how to make a steampunk decoration?

The atmosphere is quite wide ranging from the scenes of 20,000 places under the sea to Mad Max, whose key words are industrial styles, Victorian style and futurism. To design a Steampunk decoration, you have to be bold, mixing several materials, such as leather, metal and wood. Apart from these materials, such a decoration must highlight a key element: the Steampunk clock .


The clocks in the steampunk universe are reminiscent of an industrial dwelling, between the loft and the warehouse. With their designs in wrought iron and their large sizes, these decorative elements bring more elegance and grandeur to a house. Let's take a look at steampunk clocks, which have the gift of embellishing our interior decoration.

1) Steampunk clocks emblem

How to start the presentation dedicated to steampunk clocks without talking about its emblem? Steampunk clocks owe their names to two famous clocks: Big Ben and the steam clock. The steampunk style is closely linked to the Big Ben Clock. Perched on an impressive height of 96 meters, this clock with a large diameter of 2.7 meters has greatly influenced the futuristic aesthetics . This universe was normally inspired by this impressive tower, its Victorian and Gothic architecture. The Elizabeth Tower, also known as the Clock Tower, commonly known as Big Ben, was a project designed and built by Charles Barry.

A reminder: this project dictated the creation of a new palace, following the fire of Westminster, the old palace. The construction of this palace emphasized the Gothic style. The chief architect of this project was Barry, but the design of Big Ben was made by Augustus Pugin. Currently, many steampunk clocks are called Big ben, featuring this splendid tower and its huge and spectacular clock.

Steam clock, Gastown


It's hard to talk about steampunk clocks without mentioning the famous Steam Clock of Gastown, Vancouver. The Gastown Steam Clock is located at the intersection of Water Street and Cambie, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver. Although this clock seems to be a relic from the Victorian era, it was created in 1977 by Raymond L. Saunders : a Canadian clockmaker. This clock is undoubtedly the second steam clock that the world has ever known, just after the one built by John Inshaw.

2) The creation of steampunk clocks: a true art

Contrary to popular belief, clockmakers are true artists, designing unique clocks. With sculpture, painting and design in their blood, these artists produce expressive and sculptural creations, while imposing a vision of imperfection and asymmetry. To offer enthusiasts a sense of time, the designers tell the story of rebirth, change and wear. A panoply of clocks exist, differing by their form: the clock and the mural, but also by their style: modern, vintage, etc. They also differ by their colors: rustic, silver, black metal, off-white, brown.

Moreover, the complexity and beauty of watchmaking is hidden in its smallest details. But, one thing unites them: they are all decorative accessories. Sometimes, the clock is considered as an organic and living entity, which evolves in time, with mechanisms and a heart that operates the famous ticking. If this is the history of steampunk clocks, how can we incorporate them into our interior decoration?

3) The steampunk clock at the heart of the steampunk style

Do you want to abandon the Scandinavian decoration for a more original style? Why not invite a futuristic atmosphere into your home with a steampunk design? To do so, you must welcome with open arms a central accessory: the steampunk clock. Zoom on all the facts you need to know to adopt this design that unites the authenticity of the future with the beauty of the past!

A journey through time

A steampunk clock refers to the Victorian era, during which the British industrial revolution reached its peak. But the industrial revolution is not the only one responsible for the originality of this style. Nineteenth-century literature also has a role to play, especially that of H. G. Wells and of the American writer. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Steampunk clocks can take the place of mythical works, such as the time machine, to design futuristic atmospheres. Moreover, did you know that this style is interpreted as punk steam, referring to the steam machines of yesteryear? To indulge in extravagance, there is no rule that prevents you from transforming your home into an original center of curiosity, and from reading the book Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. Next to the maps, trunks, suitcases and globes, a nice steampunk clock should be placed. This way, you can travel around the world without leaving your home!

New York loft style

To create a steampunk room without being pompous, the best thing to do is to bet on a more light-hearted base, by modelling your room on the New York loft. Your layout will imitate the warehouses and factories of the industrial revolution, while adding a touch of modernity. To reproduce such an atmosphere, it is necessary to mix the exposed brick walls with industrial accessories Among the indispensable industrial objects are the rusty hanging lamps. They improve the lighting of the room, while creating a warm atmosphere. But, this decoration could not be complete without a magical element: steampunk clocks. In addition to recalling the mechanisms of the industrial era, these clocks bring originality to the room because of the apparent gears. The set is accompanied by an industrial sofa, the image of the chesterfield: characteristic of the Victorian era.

The steampunk clock to enhance the charm of an industrial style

The steampunk clock has the gift to suit many architectures. Given the variety of the offer on the market, you will easily find the rare pearl to embellish your interior. From a design gear to a creation clock, this decorative object will easily find its place in any style. But, as the steampunk design draws ideas from the industrial style, this decorative object will work more wonders in this concept.

The industrial design retains the style of yesteryear

Since industrialization, the industrial style has taken on a new life. Over the years, this concept has conquered many generations, thanks to its raw materials, notably metal, wrought iron and wood. Its soft hues embellish the interior of old-fashioned warehouses. Because of their size, steampunk clocks bring more charm to this style. Many steampunk clocks focus on large features, offering a lot of cachet to a room. Moreover, the majority of clocks have a number in Roman numerals: essential for the steampunk design. These numbers are very atypical and make the style of the house in an old atmosphere.

Why put a steampunk clock in an industrial style?

In addition to giving the time, the steampunk clock is a piece of art, giving it an original charm, the image of the modern style. Want to imitate the style of a New York Loft? The steampunk clock is the essential accessory to create a vintage home. Moreover, this clock has everything to please: factory effect in brown, black or gray, decorated with taller contours, visible gears, ... These are unique pieces to make a decoration unique and atypical. However, as these clocks often have a rather imposing size, it is best to hang them on large walls. After seeing the ideas for using steampunk clocks, do you know that three materials are the most used to make them?


4) The main materials to create steampunk clocks

The majority of steampunk clocks are handcrafted, masterpieces born from the passion of the craftsmen. Most of these art objects are made from one of these materials: metal, wood and Nixie.

Metal clocks

Steampunk clocks made from metal have the advantage of being solid and durable. Moreover, this material is the cornerstone of industrial decoration : the pillar of the steampunk style. These works of art demonstrate the know-how and expertise of the designers. They come in many different colors, shapes and styles, but always have an exceptional finish.

Wooden clocks

The mastery of horological methods is essential in the design of steampunk wooden clocks. In addition to requiring hours of work, these works require a great inspection and skill to make the finish perfect. This style aims to bring a note Vintage in your decoration. They require a lot of attention, because all the parts of the movement are sometimes built in wood. A great puzzle requiring a great deal of technique and precision to create a futuristic gadget in steampunk style, which you will surely fall for.

The Nixie clocks

The Nixie clocks surprise by the modernity of their display, but also by the old-fashioned technology of the Nixie tubes. Moreover, these tubes often diffuse a sparkling light. Nixie clocks combine various raw materials, such as metal and wood, with glass and plexiglass to create an atypical steampunk look. They are perfect to produce a futuristic look: the signature of the steampunk style. After analyzing the different types of materials used to create steampunk clocks, did you know that two types of steampunk clocks exist on the market? On the one hand, you have the wall clocks and on the other hand, you have the table clocks. Zoom on the steampunk clocks !

5) The steampunk clocks to personalize your home with taste

The steampunk clocks are effective timepieces to embellish the interior of the house. Because of its varied forms and its authentic hands, they make the room in which they are placed look charming. Whether in the living room, the office, the bedroom or the veranda, they will easily find their place. Moreover, thanks to its vintage style imitating the decoration of yesteryear , they allow us to bring back our most beautiful childhood memories, while putting a modern touch in the house. Focus on the most popular models!

Steampunk clocks in vintage style

Steampunk clocks vintage have the gift of bringing us back to our childhood, when we spend hours watching the ancestral clocks placed on the sideboard of grandma. Adventurous, they seduce us with their materials, shapes and patterns. Hidden in a glass globe, with the wheels visible, with a fascinating balance and colonization, steampunk clocks are so captivating. The children will be amazed by the mechanism of this jewel designed by the clockmaker. Such is the spectacle offered by the clocks. In addition to being taken out of a distant era, the clocks will offer an atypical style to your decoration.

The steampunk clocks in the shape of an airplane and a clock in the shape of a vase

A clock in the shape of an airplane will certainly please the children. The same goes for the ones in the shape of a helicopter. In addition to being playful, they will make their room more cheerful. As for a vintage clock, it will be welcome in an office, because it shows an exceptional elegance in this sober era. This decorative accessory will bring a touch of vintage or indu into your office and your life! Apart from table clocks, another family of clocks also imitates the steampunk style: wall clocks.

6) Top steampunk wall clocks

Steapunk style goes hand in hand with wall clocks. A true symbol of this style, this decorative accessory is not lost on artists and designers. A steampunk wall clock is an immediate eye-catcher and becomes the heart of your home. Now we would like to tell you about the 4 different types of clocks, which are the most popular among the lovers of this unusual style!

The gear clock

The gear clock is the most essential part of this style. It is usually made up of several cogs, for the greatest pleasure of the avid and passionate of the Victorian era. They often have quartz movements and are handmade. This object can embellish a design style and perfect a vintage look. Moreover, it is a nice compromise between a modern and retro style. Time travelers use this type of clock, placing it above the television or sofa. It will perfectly dress up an empty wall, making it more personalized.

The Vintage Clock

Steampunk art offers its followers great masterpieces. Moreover, designers are never short of ideas and always offer us clocks to further enrich our universe. The vintage clock, for example, is an excellent idea to offer a bucolic touch to a room. In addition to reinforcing the conviviality of a house, old clocks also have a historical value. Moreover, a multitude of steampunk clocks exist on the market, ranging from the most daring to the most classic models. You just have to find the one that will perfectly fit your decoration and your personality!

The gable clock

Steampunk creations have the habit of turning objects from their first use, explaining their charm and the variety of styles. To accentuate the originality in a room, why not put a gable clock with chains of vines? Gable clocks bring a touch of originality and pep to a room.

The animal clocks

The animal clocks are also part of the guests of honor of a steampunk style. In addition to being playful, they are attractive and captivating, while being functional and original. For this, a variety of animals can be chosen, such as an octopus clock, cat, owl, etc.. The animals integrate this style, in a different way: articulated, mechanical , whose organs give way to cogs. After having made the tour of the different types of steampunk clocks, let's now cover some tips to adapt them to your home: from the living room to the kitchen!

7) Tips for getting the steampunk clock into your home

When talking about steampunk clocks, many people imagine that it is an imposing, bizarre, even distasteful decoration. But, as mentioned earlier, there are many variations that fit perfectly well with any style. So, it is difficult, if not impossible, not to find the rare pearl that will match your living room or your kitchen.

Steampunk clock for a super chic and original living room

Antiques are now making a comeback in the house! A steampunk clock will easily decorate a vintage living room, while also blending with a traditional dining room. To make your living room more atypical, why not experiment with a combination of different styles? This way, you will have an original and dashing living room. Moreover, a wall clock gear will also sublimate your living room. The idea is to opt for an aesthetic model, containing many varieties of metal with visible wheels. To highlight it, simply hang it on a light colored wall, highlighting its fascinating frame.

Steampunk clock and decorative objects in the dining room

One of the major advantages of a steampunk clock is that it blends in well with many interior decorations. A vintage clock will blend in well with a dining room and further accentuate the warmth of the room. For those wishing to enhance the beauty of a dining room with brick cladding, a steampunk style clock with a white dial, Roman numerals and black arrows is best. This type of clock will also work wonders in a colorful room with off-white or ivory paint. To perfect your decoration, we advise you to use several accessories of identical styles, but similar structures. To do this, it would be best to combine the style of the steampunk clock with the style of the furniture and other decorative elements in the dining room. Since the style has endless ideas for colors, materials and textures, you'll have no trouble matching it.

Steampunk clock matching with kitchen

If you want to hang a steampunk clock in your kitchen, the best is to choose a wall clock with a dial made of metal. It would be smarter to hang it close to a set of cookware made of copper. The marriage of the two textures will create a nice contrast. Don't forget to match the color and style of your steampunk clock with the color of the walls, the chairs and the dining table, while matching them completely. In this way, you will illustrate a creativity and an excellent taste, while putting touches of originality.


You have surely noticed that the steampunk clock does not rhyme with the ordinary. Instead, this decorative accessory emphasizes originality and creativity. If you want to create a daring and unusual decoration, it will satisfy you.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon for a new article on the exciting world of Steampunk!

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