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14 Tips For Perfect Steampunk Decor

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Do you want a steampunk  decoration? You don't really know how to go about it? After all, there are many things to consider! But don't panic, you are in the right place! Indeed, we are going to give you 14 tips that will allow you to make a perfect steampunk decoration. These tips are to be taken into account carefully, although some are more important than others. Want to learn more? This is where it happens!

What is the steampunk style?

Before trying to make a steampunk description, it would be interesting to really understand what this movement is, which is really fashionable these days. You have to know that it is a style that appeared for the first time at the end of the 1980s. It is the author of science fiction K. W. Jeter who is the origin of this word and style, even if technically the aesthetic goes back to Jules Verne and others.


It should also be noted that it is only around the 1990s that the latter has really become popular. At present, many people are learning this type of dance. It is seen as a science fiction movement. But you have to know that it is a very different kind of décoration: indeed, this last one is inspired by the Victorian era and the industrial revolution which dates from 1885. Throughout this article, you will see that the objects are really old: from the steampunk clock to the gears everything is old. Ready to cover how to decorate your home with a steampunk style? Then, stay with us!


First advice: which colors for a Steampunk interior?

The first advice we can give you is essentially based on the colors. Indeed, as you must certainly know it, you should not put too showy elements. The colors must be neutral and attractive to be really in a steampunk atmosphere.

Here are some colors that should certainly please you:

  • Brown.
  • Black.
  • Dark red.
  • Dark green.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. But it is necessary to stay in these tones for your rendering to be really optimal.


You can perfectly opt for metallic colors as well. Indeed, do not use chrome, for example, which is a very expensive material. Generally speaking, you should not be surprised: the steampunk style really makes your pieces look dark. But to overcome this problem, you can use cream on your walls, for example. This way, you'll have a much darker room, with more light, which is not negligible.

The last piece of advice we can give you is to never overlay more than three colors. Indeed, the steampunk decoration being relatively busy, you should not add with a surplus of colors.

Second advice: choose second hand and antique furniture.

As you have certainly noticed, the steampunk style remains rather old. It is far from being modern. And this is why it is advisable to opt for second-hand or antique furniture. Of course, it is not a question of putting any antique furniture, but to take the most beautiful among those which correspond most to your desire of decoration.


To find furniture in this style, it is enough for you to make the turn of the antique dealers or of the garage sales. Thus, you will be sure to find your happiness in terms of furniture. Note also that some specialized stores can also offer you this style of furniture, but you have to know where to find them.

Moreover, if you don't like furniture and objects that are too old, you can perfectly opt for a more industrial decoration, which could also be more modern. As you can see, the steampunk style can be adapted without problems to all types of people. This is one of the most important elements of this kind of decoration.

Third tip: we will learn the exposed bricks and the Industrial Style.


As we have already mentioned in the previous section, the steampunk style can be close to the industrial decoration. To do this, there is nothing simpler: you can perfectly put visible bricks, as it is done a lot in the lofts, in particular.

Let's also note that it is perfectly possible to have a very industrial decoration when you start with steampunk. Indeed, if we take the example of a New York loft , the furniture is not necessarily old. They are industrial and therefore in the air of time.

Nevertheless, if you don't have bricks on one of your walls, don't panic. It is always possible to make up for it. Indeed, you just have to put a wallpaper with an imitation brick to make it look like you have one. In fact, at the moment, there are many that have made almost similar brick. Of course, the texture will not be the same, but you will really be in the industrial and steampunk theme.

Fourth tip: vintage cards again and again!

There is one thing we love about the steampunk style, and that is the cards. Indeed, as we said at the beginning of this article, steampunk comes from the late 19th century. As you can probably guess, GPS did not exist in the era. Indeed, everybody had to find their way on maps, which is not negligible.

To stay in this theme, you can perfectly find maps with ancient looks. Of course, the latter can be real roads, if you really want an authentic depiction. However, for this to be perfect, your maps must look old. So don't choose an IGN map that you have at the moment: the colors will be too present, and it could really lack authenticity.

Fifth advice: don't forget the globe!

When you say map, you also say globe. Yes, you really have to play the game and have your own globe. Of course, you will not go on an expedition, but you can easily put it on your desk so that it can really put you in a steampunk atmosphere.

Let's also note that if you opt for steampunk maps, the globe will be perfectly in harmony. Indeed, you will really have the impression to live in another era: practical and efficient, don't you think?

It should also be noted that the steampunk globes are fashionable. You will be able to find them in many decoration stores, but also on the internet. So you will have a bigger choice, which is not bad.

The only thing we can tell you about this product is that it must really look old. After all, there is nothing more authentic than a worn globe. You will have a nice steampunk decoration, if you add some maps and a steampunk globe to your room.

Sixième advice : put leather for an optimal rendering.

There is a material that steampunk learns and that is leather. Do not hesitate to choose furniture with this material, such as a beautiful antique sofa, for example. Note also that this will give you the comfort you need, while remaining in the theme of your home, which is rather nice.

You can perfectly find other leather furniture. However, you should not overdo it either. Indeed, a few small touches of leather will easily do the trick. There is no need to put too much of it for the rendering to be nice.

You also have to be careful with the design. Indeed, if you choose to put a leather sofa in your living room, it should really look like a product that could have been found in the late 19th century. Again, a vintage leather sofa could greatly match your decorating needs.

Seventh tip: wear steampunk hats in residence.

The seventh tip we can give you is simply to remind the futuristic style of your decoration by storing hats. You can put one on a small rack, in your entryway for example. You don't want to put too many hats in your decoration either.

It is also important to note that you can't put just any hat. Indeed, it must be of the Victorian era and therefore of the 19th century. Of course, you can find this type of accessories directly in specialized stores. Not to mention that it could be a touch of decoration at a lower cost, which is quite feasible.

For colors, it's best to stick to something rather classic, like black. Generally speaking, a steampunk hat has an unusual part like feathers or gears. It will attract the eye by its fantastic design.

Huitième advice : always go in the détail, put a machine table à sewing.

It is important to know that the steampunk-decoration style is known for its many details. Indeed, it is not because you are going to put a leather sofa, a globe and three maps in different rooms of your house, that you will necessarily have a decoration that respects the steampunk rules. You really have to go into detail.

You can for example choose a sewing machine table. This one will certainly be difficult to find, but it will give a whole new twist to your design. Also note that many steampunk furniture can also replace a sewing machine table. This is just an example. Don't hesitate to visit flea markets or yard sales to really find your furniture.

New advice: clocks with wheels.

One of the main steampunk decoration is simply the clocks and wheels. Indeed, they are atypical objects, but they can really give charm to a room. However, if there is one object that you cannot do without for your decoration, it is this. Indeed, a steampunk decoration without cogs is not necessarily the most appreciated. After all, for you to really get into your character, you have to be in the mood!

The gears are therefore an element that you can't ignore. Moreover, you will not have the same clock as everyone else, which can be very useful. Indeed, you will be able to show your originality, by not entering the standard. You will be able to easily mark yourself!

Ten tips: old travel trunks as a coffee table.

One suggestion that we strongly recommend for steampunk is simply to put old travel trunks in different places in your home. One of them can be used as a coffee table, but you can also put one of them in your entrance, to make a bench.

The old trunks can be found in many decoration stores. Indeed, depending on the taste of each, it can really give a touch of decoration strongly appreciated. Also note that old travel trunks can also be used as a storage area. The double use is something that is sought after by people who are learning to decorate, but especially those who want to save space.

It should also be noted that this is an object that is easy to find. Indeed, many people learn this type of decoration. It is not that you want to make a steampunk style, that the objects are necessarily difficult to find. On the contrary!

Onzième advice : a careful decoration of the walls !

Now that you have an idea of the objects that you can easily put in your interior, you should not forget to decorate your walls. To do this, we have talked about steampunk cards, but also clocks and wheels. Other objects of decoration can easily find their place on your walls.

Here are some ideas that you might like:

  • You can opt for herbariums. It is possible to make them yourself or simply to buy ready-made herbariums. They are small frames that can easily put a touch of nature in your interior.
  • The pictures in scifigraphy are also a good idea to decorate your walls. Indeed, you can take your pets or your family in picture, retouch them on a software, then put them on the wall. This will give an almost perfect result.
  • Add technical drawings. Besides showing that you have some knowledge, this could look really nice on your walls. However, don't worry, you don't need to understand these.
  • There is a collection of industrial or steampunk paintings for an instant effect that could be the centerpiece of your home.

As you can see, the choice is quite large in terms of wall decor. Twelve advice: have some old objects in different places.

It is also necessary to add some old objects to your decoration. Indeed, to remind the Victorian era, you can put some machines or barometers, for example. Indeed, these are items that can be found easily or almost. Nevertheless, you don't necessarily need to use them. Indeed, they can be part of your decoration, only for the style of decoration you want to give to your home.

Thirteenth advice: have Victorian paper, for authenticity.

For the wallpaper, we advise you something a little modern. Indeed, if you choose a product that reminds the ère Victorian, it could be perfect. However, if you don't like the colors too dark, it is perfectly possible to opt for a cream colored wallpaper: it is still in the theme, without being in a dark environment.

Note also that you can look at what can be possible in terms of Victorian wallpaper. At the moment, there are many possibilities. You just need to see what would best fit your design ideas. After all, you must like it!

Fourteenth advice: know how to play with lights.

The last advice we can give you is simply to play with lights with beautiful Steampunk Lamps. We will opt for a low luminosity. Among the objects that we strongly recommend are candles, candlesticks or even old Edison light bulbs. You can easily let your imagination sail to new horizons. You stay in control of your design, which is a good thing.

As you can see, the steampunk design is not invented. Indeed, it is perfectly possible to find your happiness within old and second hand objects. Nevertheless, it is a rather heavy collection that you will have at home. You really have to learn this style to be able to live indoors! Nevertheless, we hope that these few tips will have helped you a lot.

See you soon, vaporists, for a new article on the envious universe of steampunk!

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