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How To Choose Steampunk Accessories And Jewelry?

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An online store like ours receives messages from customers who are a bit lost. So how to choose such hat and glasses, my steampunk look will it please? Here is why I will answer indirectly, helping you to choose more easily your steampunk accessories.

Finish your Steamsona, in cosplay as in life !

A powerful way is to imagine the character you like in the steampunk style, what you would like to look like. It is easy to use this literary genre as a whole, steampunk. All the characters of william gibson and bruce sterling, Jules Verne or more recently mathieu gaborit provide an invaluable inspiration.

For example, can you imagine the gentleman with the top hat or the mad scientists with the crazy machines. There are a lot of costume styles that come from steampunk works. Take the interesting elements of your fairy character(s) and add your personal touch, without imitating them in every way, you will have the basis of your own character, or Steamsona.

From the above you will determine the steampunk accessories you will use. Be careful once again, don't fall into the cliché, try to dig the character, make himoriginal ! imagine his fictitious past, like his job or his social class, which events in his life have forged his character... In short, give free rein to your imagination to create their personality.

Examples of characters are: mechanic, doctor, miner, captain, spy, worker, banker, blacksmith, janitor or undertaker. Think of tools that someone in your profession might use, then think of ways to use them in the Steampunk style. Also think of tools that they don't use, but that might make their job easier. The specific personality of your character depends largely on you, as almost any profession can encompass people of various alignments. Of course, you can't easily change your height, but you can wear wigs. You can also change the length of your hair and use makeup to make yourself look more youthful, thinner, fatter, etc. I'll be honest, most streamers don't bother changing their physical appearance for the sake of their characters, but some do! If you really want to try to be a completely different person, go for it!

Having a Steampunk character is about creating a complete and consistent image of a different person. Try to imagine a character during the industrial revolution, think about what your character would say or do in certain circumstances. Then think about why they would say or do that thing. It may seem complicated, but once you learn to do it, it can easily become second nature. I recommend starting small and getting a feel for a character before you start investing time and money in clothes and props, as some characters may not flow naturally and you may lose the flavor of playing them. Above all, it should be fun! Having a good time is key.

The two things to avoid: first, don't look too much like the steampunk classics, so you don't end up being a clone of Sherlock Holmes or Captain Nemo. Then add some punk to your look with daring accessories, more industrial elements, copper colors, etc. Otherwise, although it's very pretty, you'll have a Victorian style that's too classic. Steampunk is one of the genres of science fiction that has its roots in the late 19th century, so keep it in mind.

Keep in mind though that this is just a method, it is not easy to go to the office in costume, just keep one or two steampunk accessories discreet that reveal your personality. If you're lacking inspiration, I'll remind you of the typical archaic types and then give you the tools to create the clothes. I also invite you to visit our Pinterest boards, you will certainly find good ideas.

Steamsona examples

The aviator or the pirate

Almost everyone knows what a pirate is, and in Steampunk he most often pilots an airship or a steam ship. Pirates usually have outfits that have been assembled from things picked up here and there, and their personalities range from the thief to the mischievous singer. There are many variations and do not lock yourself into a cliché. Captain Nemo, for example, is a kind of pilot with other steamsona.

Likely gadgets for a pirate or aviator would be items such as goggles, vision enhancers (telescope, piscope), navigation items (compass, sextant), firearms and other small body weapons.

The adventurer

An adventurer is usually an affluent person who has decided to go and explore the untouched world like Africa and other mysterious places in the alternative Victorian era of the steampunk universe. A good example is Allan Quatermain in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic book, not the movie!). In the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, their outfits tend to be more sophisticated than the pirate's, and can be closer to evening wear. Men may wear a tie or women may wear a corset with a shorter skirt.

Adventurers usually have typical gadgets such as body armor, pockets to hold items, weapons of all kinds, communication devices, and perhaps a walking stick or umbrella.

The scientist / mad inventor

A scientist is someone who does science in capital letters. Their equipment, of course a lab coat that can also include glasses, gloves, vials or instruments like a scalpel. The variant of this type is more of an inventor, proud of technology and especially the overdone steam machines. If the futuristic universe originates in the steam, it is because of these big machines.

Scientists/inventors may lack social skills and like to pursue their knowledge through experiments.

They may be the typical "mad scientist", or the more sober researcher.Gadgets a scientist may have include things like vision enhancing microscopes, Tesla coils (like the Tesla gun above), recording equipment, security equipment, etc.

Scientists/inventors may have a wide range of gadgets and equipment. ...

The aristocrat /gentleman

Aristocrats generally live an idle life and can do whatever they want. As such, they can be goofy or philanthropic, mean or kind. Their vows are gloved with a capital "E" and are always formal. For the ladies, high end corsets (on or under the clothes, depending on the case), lace and hats too big or too small.For the gentlemen, coats and vests are necessary, as well as nice shoes (never neglect the shoes!). Above all, the aristocratic outfits are either very tasteful or very overdressed. The right balance will make them look cheap. Aristocrats can't even wear gadgets, because they don't need them. However, they can wear goggles, jewelry (for men and women), hats (the inevitable top hat), guards and other refined objects.

The baroudeur

The characters of Charles Dickens or some characters like Tom Sawyer enters this steamsona. The barbarians have dirty clothes and are characterized by the dirt or soot that covers them and colors their clothes. They may not even have a job and may be street kids, beggars, etc.. Their clothes are often either patchwork or rickety, as are their gadgets. This is one of the few types of characters that can be sewn in terms of outfits, choose accessories accessible to the populace. Don't go for old-fashioned clothes, costumes and shoes etc.

The above examples are just that: examples. The most important thing to remember is that you can choose and create the vectors, that's the goal.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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