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Tesla steampunk glasses

  • The retro-futuristic glasses of the mad scientists

    • The steampunk is swarming with machines and inventions each one crazier than the other. This pair of glasses is a tribute to the mad scientists of all kinds and more particularly to the most represented in the steampunk style, the famous Nikola Tesla. The most prolific inventor and "discoverer", unlocking the mysteries of electricity and magnetism.
    • Ideal for a slightly sophisticated cosplay, the magnifying glasses and the integrated microscope (with its light) will give your look an unparalleled effect. This is the essential accessory for this kind of cosplay.
    • Note that they can still be used as sunglasses with moderate protection.

    Technical description of Tesla steampunk glasses.

    • Type : Cosplay glasses
    • Sex : Man or Woman
    • Composition of the frame : Plastic
    • Composition of the lenses : Plastic
    • Height of the lenses : 5. 5 cm
    • Width des verres : 5.5 cm
    • Taille :18*10*7 cm
    • Livraison Offerte

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