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Table steampunk astronomical clock

  • The clock is ticking, time goes by too fast so why not admire it still and silent.003

    The Steampunk painting on a recurring theme but always so elegant.

    "Nothing is completely wrong in the world. Even a stopped clock manages to be on time twice a day." Brida - Paulo Coelho

    • Type : Canvas, the reference for modern paintings.
    • Adds depth depth to the colors.
    • No reflection problem.
    • Lighter and easier to handle.
    • ultra-resistant, durablepermanent print.
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 20% linen.
    • Free Shipping

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    in CM   Extreme left  Left  Middle  Right   Extreme right
     Small  10x15  10x20   10x25  10x20  10x15
     Medium   20x30  20x40  20x50  20x40   20x30
     Large  30x40  30x60  30x80   30x60  30x40
     XL  40x60  40x80  40x100  40x80  40x60

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