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Skirt steampunk western punk

  • To dare the asymmetrical Victorian and Steampunk skirt is to adopt it.

    With its charming vintage design it is perfect to compose a mysterious and romantic silhouette.

    Its long cut echoes the models made under the Victorian era, its colors too, which will make your ideal steampunk outfit.

    Emphasis on femininity, the Victorian skirt steampunk is made to match a corset or bustier. It will also embellish a short skirt by superimposing itself!

    • Type: Skirt Steampunk
    • Sex : Female
    • Material: 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex (imitation lace)
    • Cotton: Soft, pleasant and usual material. Easy to wash.
    • Spandex: Brings elasticity, return to the original shape after stretching.
    • Silhouette: Pleated
    • Decoration: Decoration:Flounces
    • Length: Mid-calf
    • Delivery Offered

    Check the table below to choose your skirt. If you are between two sizes take the biggest.

    cm   SIZE
     S  69
    XL    84
    2XL 89
    3XL 94
    4XL 98

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