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Berlin skeleton watch

  • This square Steampunk-store watch, as in the 30's, has found the balance between modernity and vintage.

    Far from the banal quartz watches, this mechanical skeleton watch reveals each moving part, with a purpose, the delight of the eyes. Let yourself be lulled by a perfectly choreographed show, and you'll be able to tell the time with a pleasant sound.

    Its remarkable square and skeleton dial, original among the usual watches, contribute to make it a jewel in its own right.

    The codes of steampunk are mixed here with the Art Deco style very much used by the Berlin jewelers of the interwar period.

    This style is easily identifiable by its often angular geometrical case and a refined look.

    The geometrical shapes can be found in every detail of decoration or functionality. As the Art Deco style was influenced by many different cultures, here the industrial retro-futuristic style, Art Deco watches can easily adapt, which is partly why this style remained fashionable until 1950. Designers love to work on this period because the Art Deco accessories are small pieces of art which moreover marry perfectly with the Steampunk .

    This skeleton wristwatch has the qualities of a high end mechanical watch. Although you have to initiate the movement by a first manual winding, the automatic movement is recharged by the movements of your wrist. An automatic watch that can have an autonomy of more than 24 hours.

    The steampunk style watch has to be mechanical. It is set in motion by gears and springs. It uses an adjusted movement to regulate the time. The working principle of a mechanical watch is as follows: the user operates the watch crown to wind up a spring (called mainspring), and this spring puts the force on the first gear train. Resembling a transmission, this gear train uses a lever to advantageously lower the force and apply a slight pressure to a mechanism called the escapement. This escapement does exactly what the name suggests; it allows the energy stored in the mainspring to push very gradually, and it controls the release of this force to move the hands of your watch at the right speed to keep the right time.

    A word about our skeleton watches for women: These openworked models are thinner and more colorful than a men's watch. These timepieces are even closer to collector's jewelry than simple accessories to tell the time. The selection of products is made after tests and the opinions of our first customers. With SteampunkStore offer you Steampunk skeleton watches out of the ordinary.

    Details of the Watch Apparent Mechanism for Women

    • Type : Watch Skeleton
    •  Sex: Female
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Case Dimensions: 40 mm diameter, thickness 11 mm
    • Glass : Hardlex
    • Bezel : Fixed
    • Case back:Transparent
    • Bracelet: width 22 mm, length 23 cm
    • Clasp:Buckle
    • Movement : Mechanical
    • Winding:
    • Automatic
    • Power Reserve: 24 hours (without wrist movement)
    • Weight: 76 g
    • Delivery Offered.

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