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Vintage steampunk blouse woman

  • A Vintage Blouse for Women, worn in everyday life in the bourgeois milieu. Its standard cut allows an ease and a pleasant comfort.

    This blouse or vintage blouse is very easy to accessorize with corsets tighten size, imposing belts or caracos covering the shoulders advantageously.

    A word on the blouses SteampunkStore :  the blouses knew changes of the rebirth to the Victorian time but the various styles cohabited and mixed rather than replacing each other. So the steampunk look goes through several influences where it is natural to wear different styles.


    • Type: Victorian Blouse
    • Sex: Female
    • Material: Polyester 
    • Polyester : Durable material, resistant and easy to wash and dry.
    • Collar: Without, with straps
    • Sleeves: Flared sleeves
    • Available in one size, you must have a waist size between 75 and 105 cm  The elastics are inserted in comfortable and well adjusted embroidered slides

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