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Steampunk piccadilly circus glasses

  • The Steampunk Piccadilly Circus Style Eyewear has the strangest but most stylish frame.

    Treat yourself to the originality and grace of retro-futuristic design to give the sheep a real treat.

    • Type of Item:Steampunk Sunglasses
    • Sex:Male or Female
    • Frame Composition: Hypoallergenic Alloy
    • Lens Composition : Polycarbonate
    • Width of the lenses : 65 mm
    • Height of the lenses : 33 mm
    • Optical attribute of the lenses : Uv400, Mirror.
    • Delivery Offered


    To help you in the specificities of the types of glasses and glasses in general you can consult our article of help to choose your glasses.

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