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Steampunk hat for men

  • The must-have retro-futuristic top hat for men.


    A polyester and black felt hat with an impeccable style to dare a retro-futuristic look.

    Its decoration worked with chains, gears and the indispensable googles incorporated.

    It also finds its place in a cosplay, gothic, retro or rock outfit for example.

    Let yourself be won over by the steampunk style with this unusual hat.

    A point on the steampunk hats : steampunk is basically a literary genre that mixes in the most beautiful way the industrial era to the Victorian era. Very marked codes with noble articles for a bluffing and unrealistic effect, always elegant. The use of metals and materials such as brass, copper, leather and black or red fabrics brightens up the style and accentuates the retro-futuristic side.




    Details of the Steampunk Hat for Men.


    • Type : Hat
    • Material: Polyester and black felt
    • Sex: Male
    • Size: 55-57-59-61 cm head circumference
    • Delivery Offered.

    Complement your steampunk style with a Steampunk top hat. Maybe you will also be interested in our selected Steampunk blackened glasses.

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