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Steampunk gloves woman

  • Get ready for these Steampunk Gloves for Women with a deliciously Victorian style.

    Lace gloves set with gears and retro-futuristic industrial elements.

    Simple and effective, they bring a punk and industrial effect to any evening or cosplay outfit, and to your rock, vintage or even gothic outfits.

    Ideal to assert your style in combination with other retro elements, like a dress or a hat. 

    A point on steampunk gloves: here is an accessory that produces a lot of effect on a set at like a hat. It is thus difficult for a fantastic outfit to do without gloves. The majority of the bourgeois under the Victorian era could not go out without their accessories, the headgear and gloves.


    • Type: Gloves and mittens
    • Material: Polyester lace
    • Sex: Female
    • Length: Wrist
    • Delivery Offered.

    Adjustable chain ensures a secure fit and comfort for your gloves.


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