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Steampunk atompunk mask

  • The Steampunk and its Gas Masks do not need to resist radiation. The problem occurs especially when everything is quiet ... it's rarely a good sign.

    The gas mask comes with welder's goggles for a detonating Atompunk kit.

    The Atompunk current is a derivative of cyberpunk and Steampunk : its frame is a uchrony of the 50's where the cold war would have turned to nuclear cataclysm. A universe popularized in particular by the series of video games Fallout.

    A large hooded coat is perfect to finish his costume.

    Note that this gas mask really allows to filter the air.

    • Type of the article : Masque Steampunk
    • Sex : Unisex
    • Material : Plastic
    • Color :Gold or Silver
    • Size :13 x 16 cm
    • Weight :280 g
    • Delivery Offered

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