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Steampunk flip up glasses

  • Flip Up glasses are designed to pivot the lenses upward in one single motion.

    This makes them the ideal sunglasses for rockers in the grip of spotlights and other dazzling lighting.

    It is the rock style that influenced the design of this atypical pair of glasses.

    To be tested urgently!

    Details of Steampunk Flip-Up Glasses.


    • Type of the article: Sunglasses.
    • Sex: Man or Woman.
    • Material of the frame: Alloy.
    • Width of the lenses: 44 mm
    • Material of the lenses: Polycarbonate.
    • Lens height: 44 mm
    • Optical properties of the lenses:Mirror, Uv400.
    • Style: Rock.
    • Delivery Offered

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