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Steampunk steambohemia earrings

  • These Earrings borrow from the Bohemian style to revisit it and marry it with Steampunk influences.

    The result is interesting, all in roundness, with an elegant spiral effect of industrial influence.

    These very trendy earrings will illuminate your outfits, you will have all the chances to be the center of attention.

    This fancy collection includes 7 variations (Zlin and Kolin worn on our models) bearing names of cities of the former Bohemia, currently part of Czechoslovakia.

    A word about our steampunk earrings: we are looking for the most retro futuristic designs possible, often with an industrial style such as gears, rivets and other mechanical elements. Sometimes the Victorian influence will be omnipresent and a vintage style will be privileged. It's up to you to choose your jewelry according to your own steampunk look.

    • Type : Earrings
    • Sex : Woman
    • Shape / Model : Circle
    • Composition : Gold plated zinc alloy
    • Zinc alloy : Strong, durable, superior to aluminum or bronze.
    • Delivery Offered.

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