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Skeleton stainless steel style watch

  • A watch with a strong personality with a classic and efficient finish. Stainless steel gives it a solid style and optimal durability.

    The transparent case reveals a hypnotic mechanical movement worthy of the most beautiful high-end watches.

    Treat yourself to a mechanical skeleton watch that is both robust and modern.

    Your steampunk style watch needs to be mechanical. It is driven by gears and springs. It uses a calibrated movement to regulate the time. The working principle of a mechanical watch: the user turns the crown of his watch to wind up a spring (called mainspring), and this spring puts the force on the first gear. Resembling a transmission, this gear train uses a lever to greatly reduce the force and apply a slight pressure to a mechanism called the escapement. This part does just what the name implies; it allows the energy accumulated in the mainspring to push very gradually, and it controls the return of this power to turn the watch hands regularly to keep the correct time.

    • A word about Steampunk Store skeleton watches :elegant and refined, skeleton watches play on transparency by unveiling their mechanism, entirely or in small touches.
    • Our ambition is to offer you irresistible "open-heart" timepieces in the purest steampunk style.


    Detail of the watch Skeleton for Man in Steel.


    • Type : Mechanical watch 
    • Sex : Male
    • Movement : Hand winding
    • Materials : Stainless steel
    • Case thickness : 13 mm
    • Dial diameter : 46 mm
    • Window type :  Mineral glass
    • Length of the bracelet: 25 cm
    • Width of the bracelet: 24 mm
    • Material of the bracelet: Stainless steel
    • Type of clasp: Safety clasp
    • Waterproof to 3 ATM (about 30 meters)
    • Delivery Offered.


    1. Please peel off all protective films before wearing the watch

    2. Please keep the watch away from the magnets to avoid forcing the movement, this could damage it.

    3. Please wind the watch once a day (approx. 48 hours of autonomy).

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