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Tesla steampunk watch

  • A watch with a bluffing design named after the genius inventor, the unique Nikola Tesla. You know the historical personality, an engineering genius, an eminent but somewhat forgotten scientist, a specialist in electricity and magnetism among other things.

    He worked for Thomas Edison with whom he was concerned about the use of direct current. An ardent follower of alternating current and electromagnetic generators, he spent the dark years trying to develop wireless transmission using magnetic fields.

    He appears in many fictions, notably the steampunk film "Le Prestige". He appears as a mad scientist most of the time in these Steampunk works. These variations of Tesla as an archetype make him a true father of the retro-futuristic genre (role-playing, video games, cosplay, geek subculture)

    This watch was created in his homage. The retro-futuristic look with its leather strap and multiple dials allows for all kinds of eccentricities.

    The old-fashioned charm of this Steampunk watch with its solid style imposes a timeless and distinguished look. Dare the Steampunk style and add this atypical watch to your collection of unique objects.


    Tesla Steampunk Watch Details


    • Type : Montre Steampunk Man
    • Movement: Quartz
    • Materials: Alloys
    • Characteristic: Multiple time zones
    • Three dials, thermometer and compass: Decorative function only
    • Thickness of the case : 12 mm
    • Dial diameter: 58 mm
    • Window type: Mineral glass
    • Bracelet length: 26 cm
    • Bracelet width : 23 mm
    • Material of the bracelet: Synthetic Leather
    • Type of clasp: Buckle
    • Delivery Offered.

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