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Gothic & Victorian steampunk dress

  • An austere and strict dress in the purest Victorian mourning style. The celebration of the mourning of Queen Victoria was at that time very important and influenced the whole Empire.

    This dress is ideal for a gothic dress as steampunk. Think that in our retro-futuristic style accessories with sharp colors will be essential.

    The mix of both styles is explosive and will bring you an elegant and most of all inimitable look.

    A word on the Steampunk skirts and dresses: Casual and feminine, these clothes have the Victorian note that SteampunkStore is looking for.

    And to cultivate this vintage elegance, we propose you comfortable models in adequacy with the various clothes of time, while adding this note of madness which Steampunk needs.

    Detail of the Victorian Gothic Dress

    • Type: Victorian Dress
    • Sex : Female
    • Material : Polyester, Lace
    • Dress Length: mid calf
    • Decoration: Flounces
    • Delivery Offered.


    Choose the size of your dress with the image of the size guide

    Victorian Gothic Dress Size Guide | Steampunk-Store

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