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Tight steampunk dress

  • It is easy to be highlighted with this black dress. Made to emphasize your shapes towards the hips as well as towards the chest, this strapless dress will fulfill this function perfectly.

    The noble materials used make your dress pleasant to wear and easy to adjust, especially thanks to the lace system.

    Sober and elegant, dare a style halfway between steampunk and gothic victorian.

    A word on the Steampunk skirts and dresses: Casual and feminine, these clothes have the Victorian note that SteampunkStore is looking for.

    And to cultivate this vintage elegance, we propose comfortable models in adequacy with the various clothes of time, while adding this note of madness which steampunk needs.

    Details of the Steampunk Strapless Dress

    • Type: Punk Dress
    • Sex: Female
    • Silhouette: Sheathed
    • Material: Polyester, Spandex, Cotton, Synthetic Leather.
    • Dress length: above the knee
    • Delivery Offered.

    Be careful to choose your dress with the size guide picture.

    size guide - steampunk tight bustier dress | Steampunkstore

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