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Steampunk mask guy fawkes

  • It is time to put on your Mask.

    It is time to take an example from Guy Fawkes.

    It is time to wield your sword and fight.

    Rediscover the Mask of Guy Fawkes in its Steampunk version. Created by David Lloyd for his comic book, it is the film adaptation of "V for Vendetta" that will popularize this mask. The collective of anonymous will reuse it later, it will again become an emblem of insurrection worthy of the history of the original Guy Fawkes.


      "People should not be afraid of their governments.

    film V for Vendetta

    Steampunk Mask Guy Fawkes

    • Type of Item : Steampunk Mask
    • Sex : Unisex
    • Material : Shock-resistant plastic
    • Size : 20 x 18 cm
    • Attachment : Adjustable strap
    • Use : Steampunk suit
    • Delivery Offered

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