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Mask steampunk strange doctor

  • With this Doctor's Mask you will be able to trick the Plague patients incognito!

    A disguise that will give you the scare you need to have a good laugh.

    These doctors of the Middle Ages sorted the dead more than they saved the patients during the black plague epidemics. A classic of the Steampunk costumes which always makes its effect.


    • Type of the article : Steampunk mask
    • Sex : Unisex
    • Material: Latex
    • Latex: flexible and resistant material.
    • Use: Costume plague doctor
    • Delivery Offered.

    Attention to the smell of new latex, remember to make the mask breathe to avoid this inconvenience.

    Complement your steampunk style with a Steampunk double glasses. Maybe you will also be interested in our selected Asymmetrical steampunk coat.

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