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Pirate steampunk corset

  • The Steampunk Style Corset for the woman who loves the open sea.

    Let the Pirate inside you burst out, dare to be yourself.

    A beautiful brown corset that you can wear on your skin or over a vintage shirt. It is perfect for a pirate disguise or any cosplay in an adventurous outfit!

    With this garment you will become the sexy woman to the pirateoriginal costume. Use loose tops and skirts for freedom of movement, the corset is rigid. It is advisable to accessorize in the theme with glasses and gusset watch

    This brown brocade corset for woman includes many whalebones hidden under a faux leather fabric. It is adjustable at the back by a lace over its entire height to allow you to bend it at your convenience.

    This accessory is decorated with many buttons and chains in a pure steampunk style, as well as hooks that close it at the front. This elegant steampunk corset can also be worn with a gothic outfit.

    A real pirate does not need nice clothes or a shiny sword to do his job. Of course, if a pirate has nice clothes, there is no rule that says she cannot show them off. When you wear our exclusive steampunk pirate corset, everyone will know you're a true adventurer who shouldn't be messed with!

    Ask any pirate what they need to do their dirty work, and they'll all say the same thing: a sharp blade, a sturdy boat, and maybe a barrel of rum to pass the time. We doubt you'll hear proud and salty buccaneers say that nice clothes are important too, but we know it's a must. Storming the deck of a treasure ship dressed in torn and dirty clothes may seem wild and terrifying, but any well-to-do pirate would hate to end up in cheap and dirty clothes (which, given the environment a pirate works in, was more than possible). And dressing up in a fancy outfit might actually make you feel even more intimidating, because it shows you're a tasteful and successful pirate, and you don't mind sword fighting in your best clothes, because you're the best!

    We designed this fantastic costume to look like a really clever and savvy pirate. It includes almost everything you'll need to navigate. Just pick a pair of boots, a pirate hat, a gusset watch and a sword to continue your quests, and you'll be the fiercest buccaneer on deck!

    A point about the corset: worn to shape the bust according to the aesthetic criteria of theVictorian era. It is a rigid piece of clothing which has two functions: of course to refine the waist but also to maintain the bust.

    In the 19th century, the attachment of the kind to the steampunk makes it the impossible to circumvent clothing for all the lovers of the style retro futuristic. In cosplay but also and especially in the life of every day, the corsets come back in fashion. Be elegant and trendy with our inimitable steampunk corsets.


    steampunk pirate corset worn by our model


  • Type : Steampunk corset
  • Sex : Female
  • Materials : 80% Polyester imitation leather, 20% Spandex
  • Polyester : durable, resistant and easy to wash and dry.
  • Spandex : Provides elasticity, returns to original shape after stretching.
  • Available in

    Choose the size according to the table below. If you are between two, take the size above.

      S  73-77  59-63  84-88
     M  78-82   64-68  89-93
     L  83-87  69-73   94-98
     XL  88-92  74-78  99-103
      2XL  93-97  79-83  104-108
     3XL   98-102  84-88  109-113
     4XL  103-107   89-93  114-118
     5XL  108-113  94-99   119-124
     6XL  113+  99+  124+

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