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Brown steampunk corset

  • The rustic corset

    A simple and elegant corset that can be worn over a shirt or a tee-shirt. In a period costume this corset is perfect for a cosplay of a lady of low extraction, a peasant woman or even a baroudeuse.

    It is the typical example of the corset used on Sundays in the Victorian countryside. This corset is quite flexible and will not refine the waist much, which is good news for those who prefer comfort.

    A point on the corset: worn to shape the bust according to aesthetic criteria of the Victorian period. It is a rigid piece of clothing which has two functions: of course to refine the size but also to maintain the bust.

    In the steampunk, the attachment of the kind in the 19th century makes it the essential clothing for all the lovers of the style retro futuristic. In cosplay but also and especially in the everyday life, the corsets come back in fashion. Be elegant and trendy with our inimitable steampunk corsets.


    • Type : Bustiers & Corsets
    • Sex : Female
    • Material : Nylon, Synthetic Leather.
    • Color: Brown
    • Delivery Offered


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    2XL  93   79  104
    3XL  98   84  109
    4XL 103   89  114
    5XL  108   94  119
    6XL 113 99 124

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