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Blue steampunk leggings

  • These skinny cut elastic leggings, very resistant, will be like your second skin. 

    It is easy to wear on any occasion: the legging for woman is of course present on steampunkstore. The print, a blue pant with integrated mechanical elements, will be ideal for any steampunk look. A word about LEGGINGS for Women with a retro-futuristic look. Leggings are a kind of tight pants that are a bit like a second skin under short clothes. It is a great replacement for classic pants, fabrics and tones may change according to models and brands, but its goal is always the same: Helping women to diversify their fashion clothes. It is therefore practical, simple and can really adapt to all kinds of clothing styles, with a wide choice of colors and looks. Since its creation it has logically been a great success with young girls thanks to its many interests. The passion for leggings was born on the catwalks of famous fashion designers and quickly spread. Far from being only a fashion phenomenon, it is today an integral part of basic women's clothing in wardrobes. The COMPOSITION of the leggings In front of the undeniable success with the female population, your store of clothes steampunk also presents models in lycra which are shinier and tighter and which can thus support the most original, steampunk, gothic patterns... Others are in nylon, to play on transparency. Finally in winter, we put some back of course in wool, looking like tight pants. For those who wish, there are also models in vinyl, lace and even sheathing. We can also opt for models made of cotton bi-materials that reach to the ankles and can for example be dressed with a lace band. Apart from skirts or sweaters, they are also particularly suitable for long tunics or mini shorts. We like the fact of being able to put on some summer skirts even in winter, which is not always possible with tights ... Another very important attribute is that it can be put with all types of shoes: ballerinas, sandals, crocs, thin or wedge heels, boots... MOLD YOUR SILHOUETTE Leggings are the flagship garment of the relaxed and chic look, and cheap, which doesn't spoil anything. Thin or thick, white or colored, it's all about knowing how to combine them. It may not go with a black dress but it will perfectly replace a pair of women's pants or a sarong on the beach with a swimsuit. Your shirt should be large, floating, to harmonize your style. Vintage shirt, lace top or steampunk corset, you can dare all associations. And don't forget the accessories to finalize your outfit because relaxing doesn't mean neglecting! Victorian bracelets, Victorian necklaces, imposing earrings or necklaces of all lengths, cut according to your morphology and bring binder and cheerfulness to your look. Wearing it in casual is classic, but cheap fashion leggings can also be worn in a surprisingly chic and tasteful way. To do this, you have to accessorize it as well as possible. Start with dark or thick black leggings. Why not a piece in imitation leather? And combine it with chic [refined] pieces: suit jacket and white shirt, a gold or silver tunic. But it's really the accessories that will dress up your look, so don't skimp on the finishing touches: pumps with heels are a must, elegant jewelry is a must. We would like to point out that home delivery is a free delivery, pick-up at a relay point is currently under consideration. By buying at SteampunkStore, the site, you accept and dare a steampunk style far from these bland clothes and without daring. Feel free to write to our customer service for any further questions.

    1. Type : Leggings
    2. Sex:Female
    3. Material: 88 % Polyester, 12 % Spandex
    4. Polyester : Durable, resistant and easy to wash and dry.
    5. Spandex : Brings elasticity, return to the original form after stretching.
    6. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
    7. Length: Ankle
    8. Wash 30°
    9. Chlorine not recommended
    10. Iron soft
    11. Tumble dry not recommended
    12. Shipping Offered.


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