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Steampunk glasses saint-exupéry

  • Aviator sunglasses are timeless.

    Here's a steampunk style version for men.

    "The goal may not justify anything, but action delivers from death." Night Flight (1931) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


    1. The classic aviator glasses, designed for the American army in the 30's and used by the forces of law and order in general since.
    2. Nowadays this form of glasses impossible to circumvent gives an image of righteousness and authority.
    3. Here are our Aviator glasses revisited steampunk style with its more massive frames with small rivets to accentuate the industrial effect.
    4. We like the robustness of the materials and the successful mix between the two styles.


    Description of the steampunkstore aviator sunglasses.


    • Type : Sunglasses Aviator
    • Sex: Male
    • Composition of the frame; Alloy
    • Optical attribute of the lenses : Photochromic, anti-reflection, mirror, UV400
    • Composition of the lenses : Polycarbonate
    • Lens height:50 mm
    • Lens width:61 mm
    • Delivery Offered.

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