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Pure skeleton watch

  • The most steampunk of skeleton watches.

    With its sleek design at its peak, this wristwatch is probably the timepiece we're most proud of.

    The steampunk style is here in its modern version, an uncompromising industrial look, simple in appearance, elegant and innovative.

    The massive dial lets the light shine through by centralizing its movement on a single axis.

    A word about SteampunkStore skeleton watches :elegant and refined, skeleton watches play on transparency by revealing their mechanism, entirely or by small touches.

    Our ambition is to offer you irresistible "open-heart" timepieces in the purest steampunk style.

    A steampunk style watch needs to be mechanical. It is driven by gears and springs. It uses a calibrated movement to regulate the time. The working principle of your mechanical watch is as follows: the user operates the crown of his watch to wind up a spring (called mainspring), and this spring puts the force on the first gear. Looking like a transmission, this train of parts operates a lever to advantageously reduce the force and apply a small pressure to a system called the escapement. This part does just what the name suggests; it allows the force stored in the mainspring to push very gradually, and it regulates the return of this power to make the hands of your watch move at the right speed to keep the right time.

    Detail of the automatic skeleton watch for men.

    • Type : Mechanical skeleton wristwatch
    • Sex : Men
    • Movement : Automatic (first start manually)
    • Materials:Stainless Steel
    • Dial Diameter: 40 mm
    • Thickness: 13 mm
    • Type of window : Glass
    • Bracelet Type:Leather
    • Bracelet Length: 23
    • Bracelet Width: 20 mm
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