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Steampunk Hat


You cannot complete your Steampunk costume without a hat of Victorian inspiration. From wool felt or leather top hats for men, to fascinating mini hats for women, to the classic hat or beret, your choice is vast. You can buy your Steampunk hat online among our best sellers in a variety of styles and price ranges. Beyond disguise, these adult accessories can be worn daily, especially vintage, sober and functional headwear.

You can start with a theme such as the plague doctor, cowboy, fairy, superhero, pirate or vampire. In which case a witch's hat, a tricorn, a western stetson or a sombrero, a chapka or a simple straw hat will serve as a base for the rest of your costume.

It is possible to choose a style: define dieselpunk or gothic as a base to mix it with retro-futuristic accessories and obtain a unique and really original costume.
A third way quite subtle consists in dressing in period costume and using with measure some Steampunk elements. The effect is incredible, elegant and just fantastic enough to make an impression.


To suit your Steampunk costume often typical of the Victorian industrial or vintage style, you can choose a black felt hat in basic Victorian style and then decorate it. Think about goggles, leather trimmings, buckles, chains or gears and any other industrial elements to be glued or punched. The other option is to buy a ready-made Steampunk hat, join the vaporists who trusted us, you won't regret it.

Hats are not only accessories that protect us from the weather, they are much more than just pretty objects to show off or to tell it off... They reflect your personality and allow you an elegance as well as a "wow" effect to your style.

Nothing will complement your retro-futuristic Victorian style better than a chic and elegant Steampunk hat. Each of these hats has been masterfully crafted in the fantastic Steampunk style. You will find here all kinds of hat styles, all resolutely Steampunk. Whether you are looking for a ladies' riding hat with gadgets, or a gentleman's hat with the latest and greatest gear, you will find it here. These attractive hats are wonderful complements to almost any Steampunk look. Don't be fooled by formal or social appearances, because whether you are a brilliant engineer, a steam engine mechanic or a social aristocrat, these hats are a perfect match for almost any outfit. Many of these hats also feature designs that would make a Steampunk aficionado laugh out loud, as gears, sprockets, goggles, pinions, keys and other features adorn many of these hats, elevating them from the simple and classic to the spectacular Steampunk style. If you are creating a costume and want to know what to include or not include, check out our blog posts, including the one about Steampunk Hats or the one about Steampunk Cosplay for Women or Steampunk Costumes for Men.


Retro futuristic hats are one of our favorite accessories, they adapt to all seasons. Lately, wide-brimmed hats and fedoras have come back into fashion. It is an accessory that instantly makes any look more interesting and it is also a quick and easy addition to your outfit. The most common misconception about hats is that only certain people can use them, the famous hat head. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here are 6 tips to wear a hat as the one that suits you...

  1. First of all, choose a hat that suits you! It must be well placed on your head and cover most of your forehead.
  2. For a style that has proven itself, choose hats that seem to fit all seasons, such as a classic fedora or a hat with a wide brim. These classic styles are timeless and easy to wear.
  3. Your hair and the hat matter. With a wide-brimmed hat, highlight the natural texture of your hair when you wear it long and loose. A low ponytail and loose braid are other perfect hairstyles for wearing a hat.
  4. Hats don't respect the seasons. When combined with a summer dress or worn-out haircuts, felt hats can easily make the transition from spring to summer.
  5. For effortless styling, keep the rest of your accessories and the details of your basic outfit. One hat alone isn't enough, use another accessory to balance the outfit, attention shouldn't be focused only on your head. For that use a color reminder with a handbag, a showy jewelry or gloves or shoes.
  6. Confidence is the key. Attitude will play a huge role, assume your look dressed and out of the ordinary. Tell yourself that people don't know how to dress anymore.

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