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Steampunk Glasses

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Steampunk Clothing is a haven for all those who enjoy the pleasures of steampunk, dieselpunk, teslapunk, Victorian fantasy, or other style derivatives. If you're new, don't worry! We welcome vaporists from all walks of life and experiences in our humble store. Take a few minutes to browse through our products and see if you like them. If you got lost on the path of discovery to buy steampunk glasses, then check out this blog post. Steampunk clothing is the online store where you can get the glasses of your choice. If you have a talent for steampunk art and fashion, check out our blog posts. Our suppliers are selected after tests and opinions of our loyal customers. So you know that our glasses are well made, because they know how to make them from start to finish. So let us take care of the tedious, laborious but comforting task of finishing a pair of glasses to your taste.

More than just a hobby

Steampunk is more than just a silly hobby. It's a philosophy. Steampunk clothing is here to provide you with the most fundamental need for any steampunker: eye safety. Our different brands and models of goggles will enhance your style, bring you comfort and protection, and proudly show your affinity for all things retro-futuristic and Victorian.

Perhaps you don't have to be so avant-garde. Nevertheless, our goggles are an absolute must for any steam punk lover. They can be a subtle, discreet symbol for all those who revel in the aesthetics of the late 19th century. For those who are beginning to appreciate the genre, we recommend them as a first purchase, along with your copies of Jules Verne's books. Soon you will be interested in music, men's, women's and other clothing - even art and sculpture!

Creativity has become Victorian!


A collection of glasses for men or women, with vintage, industrial Victorian influence but also underground punk. These sunglasses can of course be used for everyday life, and some only in cosplay to create your steampunk suit (except for the most reckless). Try glasses with golden bronze frames for example, for fans of retro and romantic style, is really more rewarding than wearing ray ban aviator glasses. Oiling the wheels (pun intended) is essential for vintage glasses typical of the Victorian era if they want to claim to be Steampunk. So we add to the metal frames, brown copper color for example, elements such as gears, gears and sometimes led lighting. The essential accessory to perfect an outfit, along with the hat, is the retro-futuristic pair of glasses.


The materials dear to steampunk are copper, brass, zinc and the warm colors associated with them. This gives pairs of glasses with the original and prized style of steampunk! Impose your look with your trendy glasses by asserting an offbeat or even retro futuristic side. Buy a pair of glasses with black tinted lenses, a black felt frock coat and top hat and you'll be the center of attention for Halloween or a costume party. Masks, goggles and gloves are easy to wear and the effect is guaranteed. The myth of the sexiest vampire, a mix of cyberpunk and fantasy, becomes reality with a corset and a pair of Van Hellsing goggles.


Original, but also quality glasses. We guarantee sunglasses with UV400 category 3 lenses providing 100% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC. So, whether you are driving, strolling on the terrace or the beach, or skiing in the mountains, your Steampunk goggles have the protection you need for your eyes.

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