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Steampunk Corset


They will transform you into a stilted woman, slim waist and beautiful breasts. Choose according to the cut and style (steampunk, gothic...), but also comfort. If you're not used to them, here are some buying tips.


it is important that a corset is adjusted, but not too tight. We advise to have some margin in your size range. For example, if your bust measurement fits but not the hips, take the waist up if more than 2 inches (6 cm) are missing. We are no longer in the 19th century, no need to suffer.

So don't be tempted to choose too small a size for vanity. It will not benefit you as much as the one that really fits you! The sizes of corsets vary considerably from one model to another, so we recommend that you know your measurements well and check the size guide table.

If you are buying as a gift, it is a good idea to consult with the person in question before making the purchase. If you don't want to spoil the surprise, their best friend should be your source of information.


The modern corset is more comfortable than you think, new materials like synthetic leather would have been blessed by 19th century women. The first time may bring new sensations, but many of our clients quickly get used to it. The finishing fabric used in our corsets is quality, it is a breathable twill lining that will be in contact with your skin when you wear it... unless you choose to wear it over a blouse or shirt.

For more comfort with our softer corsets (indicated in the description) waistbands are available, guaranteeing extra style at the bottom of your corset. This gives it more room to fit comfortably over the hips.


A beautifully made corset has a cost, consider it an investment. Not only will a quality item last longer, it will also be more comfortable. Even in cosplay, a day can seem long with a cheap corset. Most of our corsets use several layers of fabric, avoiding the tearing like in a cheap corset. The steel boned ribs are made of spiral steel to better fit your shape, again avoid plastic or alloy ribs that will break or deform.


Corsets have been around for hundreds of years and are used for waist training. Moreover a corset will always look dressy, you will be even more dressy than with a simple dress. To wear in everyday life, try a model without borders, bows or embellishments. The more elegant the model is, the easier it is to hide it under your clothes.

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